Confraternity of Cristian Doctrine

The St. James C.C.D. Program, with the guidance of the holy Spirit, strives to enrich and nurture the Catholic Faith in our children.

Director of Religious Education - Mrs. Joyce Coughlin

Registration for C.C.D. Classes (2016-2017)

The information you need to register for religious education classes can be accessed through this page.  Please select the appropriate registration form.  There are separate forms for public school and Catholic school students.  St. James must also receive a medical form for each child in the program, and that form is also available here.

In the appropriate place on the registration form, please provide an email address.  This will be used as the primary method of communicating with parents, particularly those whose children will be receiving sacraments. 

Please refer to the forms for the relevant fees.

The forms and fees should be mailed to St. James.  If you have any questions about the process or the program, please contact the C.C.D. Director, Mrs. Joyce Coughlin, please email him using the link below, or call him at 630-662-0703.

To Email Joyce Coughlin click the following link:


To lean whether St. James at Sag Bridge Religious Education classes have been cancelled due to weather,  please check you Flocknotes email &/or text. 


Click the following link to view or download a copy of the RE forms or current schedule. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the file. If you do not have the program you may obtain a free copy at www.adobe.com.



First Penance
February 4, 2017
First Communion
May 6, 2017
March 11, 2017


C.C.D. Mandatory Prayers

Prayers & How to Pray


Glossary of Church Terms


Under Parish History are located the class photographs of the First Communion & Confirmation classes from St. James at Sag Bridge. Link to Page