Our Lady of the Forest Society


St. James at Sag Bridge has a new group for women who are registered parishioners.  The group is called Our Lady of the Forest Society.  The Society takes its inspiration from Blessed Margaret of Castello, patron of the unwanted.  She was born blind, lame, hunchbacked and a midget..  But despite her many physical and emotional hardships, such as the abandonment by her parents, being locked up in a small room for 14 years, and being forced to beg for food, her faith remained strong and she eventually ministered to prisoners, the sick and the dying, bringing them food, clothing, and medicine.  Through her courageous and faithful example, she brought many people to Christ.  Her body remains incorrupt to this very day in Castello. 


With Blessed Margaret as our guide and role model, Our Lady of the Forest Society focuses on a number of important areas of parish life including supporting the material needs of the parish; fostering a sense of apostolic zeal; promoting charitable works to aid the sick and the poor, and providing a means of spiritual and personal growth for St. James Parishioners. 


As an educational forum, Our Lady of the Forest Society looks forward to hosting speakers on such topics as Natural Family Planning, the ups and downs of street ministry, promoting vocations, and protecting the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.   On the social side, the Society is planning a series of movie nights featuring great Catholic classics that will appeal to various age groups.  We will finally be able to break out the movie popcorn maker and serve up some hot buttery popcorn.   In addition, we also plan on holding a number of wine and cheese receptions, either in conjunction with a speaker or just as a social gathering.


We have many other ideas that deserve further attention including a possible plant exchange in the spring and/or fall and coordinating on a number of activities with the Holy Name Society such as the annual pumpkin sale.  However, our numbers will need to grow so that we can achieve as much as possible to bring souls closer to Christ.   Therefore, if you are a woman who is a registered parishioner, please consider joining Our Lady of the Forest Society.  Christ needs you.