Stain Glass Windows

A special thanks to Magdalyne Christakis of our parish for the articles on the Saints.

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The Church Windows

Windows let in the light. Traditionally, churches have been designed so that the light of the rising sun falls on the altar to remind us of the risen Christ who put an end to darkness. (East -West)  

The windows of very old churches, like the great cathedrals of Europe, tell the story of how God has saved all people. In early times not everyone learned to read and write. Mass was celebrated in Latin, a language that not everyone understood. So, in order to make sure that everyone had a chance to receive God's word, designers made use of the windows.

They designed beautiful scenes from important Bible stories and then had those pictures formed in multi-colored glass called stained glass. When the sunlight shone through these huge scenic windows it gave the church a special feeling of holiness.

People who could not read or who had trouble understanding the Latin mass, could look at the windows to see how good God has been to all people. Today most people can read so the windows are more commonly decorated with saints who are special to the parish community or with symbols of our faith. However, when the light shines through these windows we still get a feeling that we are in a special, Holy place.