175th Anniversary


The Parish Council & Father Gleeson had 13 months of events for the 175th Anniversary which started on Sunday August 12, 20007 when Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller celebrated the 11:30am Mass.

Following the Mass a new Anniversary flag was hoisted by parish council president Mr. Michael Dillenburg assisted by Mrs. Marie Hiland widow of former council president John Hiland. Bishop Gustavo then blessed the new St James Café. The men  of the Holy Name had a cookout in honor of the events. The Trinity Irish School of  Dance entertained led by  Mary Kay and Shelia Lawler of our parish.

On the next Sunday August 19, 2007 Bishop Joseph Perry celebrate the 10:00am mass which was followed by a cookout. A special stone was be installed in Our Lady of the Forest Grotto. It was inscripited will an image of our historic church to commemorate 175 years of faith.  Bishop Joseph Perry blessed this commerative stone and Frank Podczerwinski of our parish installed it.

In 2008 Bishop Kane & Mann came and celebrated a Mass at the historic parish. Both Bishop Perry & Gustavo returned in 2008 as Bishop Perry celebrated Mass on the 4th of July weekend and Bishop Gustavo celebrated our Labor Day Mass.

On Sunday September 7th the Ecclesia Men's Choir performed for the 11:30 Mass and gave a concert following the Mass. The day also included an open house of the grounds and all buildings. Fr Gleeson gave over an hour tour of the cemetery highlighting some Irish 30 tombstones.

The celebrations concluded Sunday September 28 2008 when Francis Cardinal George celebrated the 11:30 am Mass a painting of the church done by Jim Wall, a parishioner of St. James was presented to the Cardinal. The Mass was followed by a special luncheon at the renowned Courtright’s of Willow Springs. While Cardinal George was originally to also attend the luncheon at Courtright's he was called to Rome for three weeks and left following the Mass.

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175th Anniversary Events Photographs

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175th Anniversary Luncheon at Courtright's - September 28th 2008



175th Mass Celebrated by Francis Cardinal George - September 28th 2008


Ecclesia Chant Mass & Open House with Cemetery Tour - September 7th 2008


175th Anniversary Labor Day Picnic - September 1st 2008


Canallers in the Corridor & HNS Cookout - August 24th 2008


Bishop Joseph N. Perry's Mass & Visit - July 6th 2008


Model A Car Show - June 9th 2008


Vatican International Exhibition - November 18th 2007


Bishop Joseph N. Perry & HNS Cookout - August 19th 2007


Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller & HNS Cookout - August 12th 2007