Civil War Reenactment

Civil War re-enactments are a powerful way to keep history alive. More importantly, they draw us into another time and open a window into a world that no longer exists. Re-enactments are sensory extravaganzas. Sights, sounds and smells help make the sacrifices and heroism come alive. 

This re-enactment didnít have any canons and the bullets flying but instead had the mighty weapons of the pen. Two Civil War era prelates will faced off as actual 1860ís sermons from clergymen from the North and South are re-enacted. Sitting in the oldest working church in Northern Illinois, attendees sat in pews that are actually older than the 1860 sermons they will be hearing. Instead of tracing the battle lines and formations of soldiers and cavalry, attendees looked deeply into the way important clergymen of the day brought their faith, the bible and moral principles into the theatre of ideas.

The following links are to the sermons given by the bishops during the reenactment on Sunday June 21, 2015 at St. James at Sag Bridge.