Eucharistic Congress 1926

In 1926, the new seminary was host to the world, as one of the sites of the International Eucharistic Congress.  The campus made transportation history with that event for it required the largest movement of people by rail in the history of the country. 500,000 people gathered at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary.

The Eucharistic Procession - Cardinal Bonzano carrying the Holy Eucharistic beneath the canopy . The Bernini Statue of the Virgin may be seen  also the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.

Panorama of Soldier's Field showing chorus of 62,000 children, the Golden Altar and the crowd of 350,000 on June 21, 1926.

Cardinal Bonzano Pontification G at High Mass at Soldier's Field.

The Cardinals Enthroned at Holy Name Cathedral

(From Left to Right) Cardinal Czernoch (Hungary), Cardinal Piffl (Austria), Cardinal DuBois (France), Cardinal Von Faulhaber (Germany), Cardinal Dougherty (Philadelphia), Reig Casanova (Spain), Charost (Farnce), Hayes (New York), O'Donnell (Ireland), and Mundelein (Chicago)